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Electric Bike

Electric Bike

Project Info

Term:Spring 2023
Team Lead:Vishesh Garg
Mecahnical Lead:Jerry Chen
Firmware Lead:Asmi Kaur Gujral
Electrical Lead:Jenna Kong
Mechanical Team:Kabir Raval, Ena Manjgo, Serena Poonawalla, Suhyma Rahman, Vishrut Munjal
Firmware Team:Kushal Mujral, Rana Balabel, Lama, Jenny Wu
Electrical Team:Benie Mabondo, Punit Shah, Dania Masoud, Angelina Lim

Project Description

Introducing Volter: Where Innovation Meets Adventure

At the intersection of innovation and adventure, the Volter electric bicycle emerges as a true embodiment of cutting-edge design and engineering excellence. With a top speed of 42 km/hr, Volter offers a thrilling ride that combines eco-friendly mobility with an exhilarating experience. Powered by a battery boasting a maximum voltage of 42 volts, this electric bicycle is not just a mode of transportation; it's a testament to the fusion of technology and style.

Covering distances between 15 to 25 kilometers on a single charge, Volter ensures that every journey is not only efficient but also filled with possibilities. Whether you're commuting through urban landscapes or embarking on scenic routes, Volter empowers you to explore with confidence, knowing that its robust design and advanced components are ready for any terrain.

Yet, Volter is more than just an electric bicycle; it's a triumph of teamwork and innovation. Behind this remarkable creation lies a team of passionate individuals who have harnessed their skills and creativity to bring Volter to life. Working on this project has not only resulted in an exceptional electric bicycle but has also been a journey of empowerment. Volter's development has played a crucial role in lowering the barrier of entry into design teams and engineering for our dedicated team members.

Volter is a reflection of our commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities. It's an invitation to join us on a ride that marries speed, style, and sustainability. With Volter, the horizon is just the beginning, and the road ahead is paved with innovation.

Experience the thrill. Embrace the innovation. Ride with Volter.